Eliminate the need for coding and scripting

Are you looking for a way to boost your QA team's productivity? The Digital Group's QARA Enterprise – a zero coding test automation tool is the solution you have been looking for. A shorter learning curve, lesser dependency on subject matters experts, higher productivity and leaner testing teams are just few of the benefits you stand to gain.

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Key insights:

  • Object Repository & Object Explorer:

    An Object Repository is a central repository where all the objects are recorded and saved with their id, name, Xpath, URL and title. QARA Enterprise also has an Object Explorer which helps maintain the repository by providing options to Search, Add, Edit, and Delete these objects.
  • Global Test Data/Local Test Data:

    QARA Enterprise provides Parameterization in 2 ways - Local Test data and Global Test data. Local Test data is test case specific data which is provided while creating a particular test case. Global Test data is applicable for multiple test cases. It is data that has been provided globally in QARA Enterprise.
  • Option to generate Selenium scripts:

    QARA Enterprise gives users the option to generate and save Selenium scripts for any test case.
  • Export Test Case Data to Excel:

    Users can also export test case data to Excel along with the Automated/Manual test step details.
  • Keyword driven intuitive framework:

    Using its intuitive "Keyword-driven framework", users can perform standard testing strategies including workflow navigation, assertion, and validation of elements, and content with ease.
  • Import Test cases functionality for JIRA, MTM & QARA Enterprise projects:

    This feature enables the user to import data from Spreadsheets (.xls files) to QARA Enterprise.