Enjoy end-to-end management of software testing projects

Many organizations do not consider investing in a test automation tool as a viable option due to the high costs associated with it. QARA Enterprise is an ideal tool that checks all boxes when it comes to meeting your test automation requirements, cutting costs and having a lean testing team. An end-to-end test automation solution, it includes all functionalities such as test design, management, planning, execution, and reporting.

Key insights:

  • Web, Mobile, and Desktop application testing:

    Using QARA Enterprise, you can test a wide spectrum of web, mobile and desktop applications using one platform.
  • Integration with bug tracking tools:

    Integration with JIRA, one of the most popular bug tracking tools, makes it easy for testers to record and track bugs/issues.
  • BrowserStack & Sauce Labs integration:

    Integration with BrowserStack and Sauce Labs provides the required support for multi-browser and multi-platform testing.
  • Reporting:

    QARA Enterprise's reporting feature includes state-of-the-art analytics and data representation in graphics with the option to capture screenshots and email reports.