Add Powerful Time Management Capabilities to Jira with Quartz – Time Tracking for Jira

Quartz – Time Tracking for Jira is a product of QARA Enterprise. It’s an advanced time-tracking tool that extends the power of Jira by adding powerful time management capabilities. The add-on supports powerful time reports, painless time entry, custom attributes, approval process and more. It is available for download on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Why Choose Quartz

  • Allows tracking of actual effort hours against specific dates as opposed to just logging hours against an issue without any date/timeline context (which is JIRA’s default behavior)
  • Allows entry of multiple progressive estimates (along with reason for change in previous estimates) and tracks to make sure that actual efforts are always less than the latest estimate. This gives a clear perspective on (progressive) estimates against issues versus actual hours over a timeline.
  • Provides a JIRA dashboard widget that rolls up estimated and actual hours across implicit hierarchies within JIRA issues (eg tasks, stories, epics have an implicit hierarchy
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Powerful Features for Advanced Time Tracking