Run test cases simultaneously using grid execution

As the scope of your project expands, it becomes more difficult to execute all test cases using one system. As testers need to execute test cases against different operating systems, platforms and browser versions, the need for testing on multiple systems arises. This is when grid or parallel execution helps. Using QARA Enterprise, testers can perform grid execution effortlessly. If testers do not have the requisite browsers or operating systems, they can benefit from the BrowserStack/Sauce Labs integration.

Key insights:

  • Multiple nodal systems:

    You can configure a system as a Hub and add multiple systems on that network as nodes for parallel execution.
  • Remote execution:

    Once the test cases have been assigned to various nodes, no further monitoring is required to execute test cases.
  • 3rd party tool support:

    Users can also perform grid execution using Sauce Labs and BrowserStack.