Discover a New Age Test Automation Tool with QARA Enterprise

The process of testing software applications is getting more challenging with time, as the applications evolve to be more and more complex. Gone are the days when manual testing was all that was required for successfully testing an application. Today, test automation has become the norm and what's more, not just any test automation tool would serve the purpose anymore! Today, your QA team needs an advanced test automation tool with complete test management capabilities to meet the requirements of a dynamic market. This is exactly where an automation testing software like QARA Enterprise can help you.

QARA Enterprise developed by The Digital Group is an integrated test management tool that enables declarative, no-scripting, no-coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution, as well as reporting. The test management tool is based on the open source Selenium framework and supports advanced automated test management, along with reporting. It provides centralized, version-controlled test catalogues to a range of external interfaces, yields, and licensing, as well as workforce cost savings in an agile-iterative product development lifecycle, all while dramatically increasing productivity.

Exploring the Key Features of QARA Enterprise

Here we shall have a quick look at the key features of the QARA Enterprise Test Automation tool.

Cross Browser Cross Platform Support

The cross-browser, cross-platform testing capabilities of the QARA Enterprise test automation tool serve to reduce the testing efforts of your QA team along with expanding test automation coverage. Click here to Learn More.

Zero Coding Framework

QARA Enterprise, a zero-coding test automation tool from The Digital Group, is the answer you've been seeking for. You'll benefit from a shorter learning curve, less reliance on subject matter experts, increased productivity, and smaller testing teams, to name a few. Click here to Learn More.

End to End Test Management

When it comes to satisfying your test automation objectives, lowering costs, and having a lean testing workforce, QARA Enterprise is an appropriate automation testing software. Test design, management, planning, execution, and reporting are all included in this end-to-end test automation package. Click here to Learn More.

Test Case Recorder

The unique recording feature of the QARA Enterprise automation testing software saves time and effort. Users do not need to be familiar with multiple scripting languages. Click here to Learn More.

Test Case Reports

Reporting assists testers in determining where the test failed, possible underlying causes, and the amount of automation, among other things. With the QARA Enterprise test management tool, you get colourful graphical representation of test performance data that is easy-to-understand and makes analysis easy. Click here to Learn More.

Jira Integration

This functionality allows testers to store all test artefacts and manage projects directly from the QARA Enterprise test management User Interface. Click here to Learn More.

Simultaneous Execution

Grid execution is a breeze for testers using QARA Enterprise. The BrowserStack/Sauce Labs integration is helpful for QA professionals who don't have the required browsers or operating systems. Click here to Learn More.

Parametrization of Test Cases

Parametrization of test cases is ideal for projects that require a large number of cases to be tested in a consistent manner. This feature is helpful as testers won't have to spend as much time and effort obtaining data sets in order to perform such test cases. The values maintained in QARA Enterprise's global and local test data can be used to duplicate work and rerun test cases. Click here to Learn More.

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