A Quick Look at the External Integrations of QARA Enterprise

Software application testing has become more complex today than ever. As applications become more advanced, the approach towards software testing also need to evolve. In the last few years, test automation has taken the testing world by storm and today test automation tools are a must-have for QA teams today. QARA Enterprise is an example of a new age test automation tool that is designed for complete test management. Yes, QARA Enterprise is not just a test automation platform, but also a complete solution for test management. The platform helps QA teams take care of every step of the software testing process.

One of the key features of the QARA Enterprise platform is the external integrations. QARA Enterprise integrates seamlessly with a handful of key platforms, and these integrations help the users access the external platforms through the QARA interface.

QARA Enterprise External Integrations

Today's automation testing technologies are built to work in tandem with a variety of third-party applications. Working with the QARA Enterprise test automation tool, I've seen how the program's interaction with other popular tools allows testers to conduct numerous automation testing functions on the same platform without having to switch platforms. The Digital Group's QARA Enterprise is a test automation solution that also has external integrations with prominent systems including Jira, Sauce Labs, Microsoft Test Management (MTM), Jenkins, and others. We'll learn how to work with the integrations one at a time here.

QARA Enterprise External Integrations

1] Jira Integration

JIRA is the most extensively used issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management platform in the world, according to Atlassian. It is a tool that is widely used by teams who have accepted the Agile approach, and hundreds of teams are joining the JIRA community on a regular basis as more and more organisations implement Agile. The QARA for Jira (QARAj) add-on, which is available for download on the Atlassian Marketplace, connects QARA Enterprise to Jira and it is one of the key external integrations of the QARA Enterprise platform.

QARA Enterprise platform

Users can add further details, such as a summary, a description, a priority, labels, the environment, and attachments, if any, in addition to the Project and Issue types using the Jira external integration.

2] Microsoft Test Management (MTM) Integration

The following are the provisions offered by QARA Enterprise for connected MTM projects.

  • The import of the current MTM test cases is executed as per the selected plan in QARA.
  • Provision for the users to create new test cases using QARA and have the test cases automatically reflected in MTM.
  • Provision for the user to automate MTM Test Cases from the QARA Enterprise interface.
  • Provision for the users to execute Automated/Manual test cases from QARA Enterprise and there is automated sync of the execution status with MTM.

3] BrowserStack Integration

QARA Enterprise is an automation testing platform that has been integrated with BrowserStack to run test cases on many browsers and operating systems.

BrowserStack Integration

4] Sauce Labs Integration

QARA Enterprise has been linked with Sauce Labs to run test cases on many browsers and operating systems. To use Sauce Labs to run test cases, follow the steps below:

  • Select Run Mode as Cloud Execution
  • Click on Run Configuration.
  • Select type as Sauce Labs.
Sauce Labs Integration

5] Selenium Grid Integration

The following are two reasons why you would want to use Selenium-Grid, which QARA Enterprise is integrated with.

  • To run your test cases on a variety of browsers, including different browser versions and browsers running on different operating systems.
  • To lower the amount of time it takes for the test suite to finish its execution.
Selenium Grid Integration

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