Ease of Test Automation with Zero Coding Framework of QARA Enterprise

The highly competitive and dynamic market of software applications makes it necessary to increase test coverage and at the same time, get more testing done within strict deadlines. Without very high efficiency, it becomes very difficult for software applications to release frequent updates – something that's a necessity for today's app market. So, software application development firms need to find ways to boost testing efficiency so that high quality products can be released within a shorter time to market.

This is where automation testing as a perfect solution for tech companies comes into play. However, introducing automation is fraught with difficulties. The main challenge is gaining access to professionals with advanced programming skills, as manual testers lack the programming language knowledge needed for effective implementation of automation.

81% of QA professionals believe need for coding or programming skills is one of the key challenges of automation testing. – The QA Lead

This always entails bringing on a new team of coding experts or training the current team, all of which can be costly.

The solution is a zero-coding test automation framework test automation platform – which has the power to automatically write lines and lines of code with almost no human intervention! A zero-coding test automation platform allows QA teams to avoid coding and scripting, which makes it easy for manual testing professionals to switch to automation testing with ease. Zero-coding framework refers to a framework that handles all of the coding and programming for generating and executing test scripts. What more do we want?

Zero Coding Test Automation with QARA Enterprise

QARA Enterprise, the test automation platform developed by The Digital Group, is designed for end-to-end test management, and also offers a zero-coding framework to help QA professionals with experience in manual testing, switch to automation. Now, let us take a quick look at the features of a zero-coding test automation framework.

1] Reusability of Test Cases

Since it captures test steps that are replicated in different situations, this is another valuable aspect of zero-coding test automation software. These test steps are registered and saved separately so that QA specialists can use them to test a variety of scenarios or applications. It just adds to the convenience and saves time.

2] Test Performance Reports

Reporting is an essential part of test management because it is only through reporting that QA professionals are able to understand or get an idea of how the test cases are performing. It's simple to generate automated reports for measuring test case output with an advanced zero-coding test automation platform like QARA Enterprise.

3] Easy Modifications in the Recorded Data

Now, recording test cases is one thing, but what is even more important is the ability to edit the recorded test cases. With the latest generation of zero coding test automation software, this is a very useful feature. For example, QARA Enterprise enables QA professionals to make adjustments to documented scenarios in conjunction with changes to the application under evaluation.

4] Support for Multiple Browsers and Platforms

Today there are not one or two but hundreds of browsers and platforms when we are considering applications that run on desktop as well as on mobile. It's becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that an application runs smoothly across all browsers and platforms, as well as their versions. Fortunately, modern test automation tools make it simple to test across various browsers and platforms without requiring extra time and effort.

5] Easy Assertions

One of the most popular features of zero-coding test automation tools is the ability to record test steps, but adding assertions is a challenge. It necessitates human involvement. However, by using assertions as part of automation, an advanced tool with zero-coding test automation framework like QARA Enterprise makes the process of inserting assertions easy.

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