Overcoming the Challenges of Cross Platform Testing with QARA Enterprise

The emergence of smartphones and mobile devices has changed the way we look at software applications. Gone are the days when it was all about the Windows desktop. Today, you have a range of devices with an enormous range of screen sizes and resolutions. Software application development has definitely come a long way and when you develop an application today, you need to consider not just one but multiple devices and also the different operating systems (OS) and their versions.

This makes the software development process complex and the same applies to software testing as well. To ensure that an application is ready to be launched in the market, the QA team has to test the application on a plethora of devices and OS, and this can be a challenge because of the time and efforts required.

Challenges of Testing Applications on Multiple Browsers and Platforms

Here we shall look at the common challenges faced by the QA professionals when it comes to testing applications on multiple platforms.

  • Testing on multiple devices requires more time and efforts
  • Need for writing test scripts for every platform
  • Risk of delays and increased time to market
  • Increasing cost
  • Chances of errors when executing testing at such a large scale
  • Lack of availability of skilled resources to write the test scripts

Overcoming the Challenges of Cross Platform Testing

To overcome the challenges of cross platform testing, the solution is the implementation of an automation testing tool. An automation testing tool with cross browser cross platform support is what the QA team needs in order to overcome the above challenges and make the testing process faster.

QARA Enterprise is an example of a cross platform testing tool that supports test execution on multiple browsers and also across different devices. Businesses must be accessible across all browsers, platforms, and devices in today's mobile world. As a result, complex test automation projects necessitate compatibility for a wide range of browsers and platforms and an automation testing tool is the solution. QARA Enterprise's cross-browser, cross-platform testing capabilities was created with the goal of reducing testing efforts and expanding test automation coverage.

Cross Platform Testing with QARA Enterprise

The following are the functionalities of the QARA Enterprise cross platform testing tool.

Multi-browser support

From an outdated version of Internet Explorer to upgraded versions of Chrome, Firefox, Phantom and Safari, you can run tests against all popular browsers.

Multi-platform support

QARA Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution that supports testing of applications on platforms such as Web, Windows, Mobile and Angular JS.

Multi-device support

Test applications can be run on devices such as desktops, tablets and phones.

BrowserStack and Sauce Labs integration

QARA Enterprise's integration with BrowserStack and Sauce Labs enables users with the valid credentials to test applications against multiple combinations of operating systems and browsers from the QARA Enterprise User Interface.

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