Overcoming Limitations of Jira as a Test Management Tool with QARAJ

We often tend to find that a software is being used for a purpose very different from what it is designed for. There are many benefits of being able to use an existing software for a new purpose, as there is no need to invest in a new software platform, and also the time to train the team in using the new software is eliminated. There are also the benefits of reduced licensing costs and cost of maintenance.

Talking about software platforms that have been used for additional purposes, there are many examples out there but the Jira platform by Atlassian is a classic example. Jira is a bug tracking and project management platform developed by Atlassian that is used by software development and QA teams across the globe and it is immensely popular. Jira is designed as a repository that documents issues and facilitates easy issue tracing and management. Many QA professionals have been making use of the repository functionality of Jira for test management.

Why Use Jira for Test Management

Now, what makes QA professionals consider Jira for test management? Well, apparently there are a handful of benefits, in addition to the general benefits of using an existing tool for multiple purposes that we have discussed above, and the benefits of using Jira for test management are as follows:

  • Short learning curve if you already use Jira
  • No additional licensing costs
  • No additional maintenance costs
  • Provision for customization of test case formats
  • Facilitates easy tracking and traceability through reports

Challenges of Using Jira for Test Management

Now that we have looked at the benefits of using Jira for test management, there are quite a few challenges that we should consider when using Jira as a test management tool.

  • Configuration of the Jira platform for creating test cases can be time consuming as it is not a functionality of the platform.
  • Difficult to reconfigure the test cases later on as it calls for rework on a large scale
  • Process of test cases and test result entry can be exhaustive and time consuming
  • Reporting functionality has limited scope when it comes to test case management
  • Lack of a provision to automate test case execution in Jira, which makes only manual testing viable
  • No support for high scalability

Overcoming the Challenges with a Jira Software Testing Tool

So, one might wonder how QA professionals can overcome the limitations of the Jira platform when it comes to test case management. The answer is the use of a Jira Software Testing Tool. What is a Jira Software Testing Tool, you may ask? Well, it is nothing but a test management tool that integrates with Jira to enhance the test management capabilities of Jira.

QARA Enterprise is an example of a Jira Software Testing Tool that integrates with Jira through a Jira add-on and allows Jira users experience the benefits of an advanced test management tool. QARA Enterprise is a complete suite of test management solutions that are designed to help QA teams overcome the biggest challenges and accelerate their test automation efforts for the best results.

The QARA for Jira (QARAJ) add-on is a Jira add-on that helps QARA Enterprise, a Jira software testing tool, allow QA professionals enhance their test management experience in Jira itself, without having to move to a new platform. QA teams across the globe are investing in a Jira Software Testing Tool to get the best of both worlds as they continue using Jira as a test management tool without having to worry about its limitations.

Why Use QARAJ for Enhanced Test Management in Jira

Here we shall look at the key benefits that the QARAJ add-on brings to your QA team when it comes to enhanced test management with Jira.

  • Easily create new Test Cases as an 'issue type' in QARAJ.
  • Assign the test cases within a project into folders.
  • Create Test Cycles and assign Test cases to a test cycle.
  • Execute the test case to compare the expected and actual results/performance.
  • View a history of executed test cases and generate test reports.

So, you see that QARAJ helps Jira integrate with QARA Enterprise, a Jira software testing tool for complete end-to-end test management, with great results.