Significance of End-to-End Testing in the Age of Test Automation

Applications today are far more complex than the simple applications of yesterday that were all about a linear workflow. Today, applications are more than just single entities – they are integrated with multiple platforms. This creates a complex workflow. So, in such a scenario, testing the functional aspects of the application alone is not enough. The solution? Well, the solution comes in the form of end-to-end testing.

End-to-end testing is defined as the process of testing every layer of an application, right from its front end to the backend, including the numerous integrations, interfaces and endpoints. This approach ensures 360 degree testing of the application under all possible scenarios, thus significantly eliminating the problem of bugs and issues.

The advent of automated testing tools has made testing easy, quick and more efficient. For example, you have QARA Enterprise which is a complete test management platform that supports end-to-end testing. Here we shall look at the reasons QA teams should invest in an automated end-to-end test automation tool like QARA Enterprise.

To begin with, end-to-end testing enables us to ensure the back-end of the application is up and running. This is a significant step because for healthy core functioning of the application, you need a back-end that runs efficiently.

Another major advantage of end-to-end testing is the fact that it allows the QA team to understand and identify the probable issues that are likely to come up when the application is tested as a whole, including its integrations with multiple external platforms. This allows for more comprehensive testing, thus ensuring the app runs as expected under all environments.

Since end-to-end testing involves testing the application from the user perspective as well, it ensures the app connects better with the users and comes across as more intuitive and interactive. While testing the app from the user’s perspective is something that is often associated with manual testing, today we have advanced intelligent test automation platforms that are capable of testing the application efficiently by simulating the user experience, and QARA Enterprise is an example.

So, we see that end-to-end testing is indeed a significant part of the software application process today as it enables QA teams to test applications in a more comprehensive way. Want to explore end-to-end testing with a comprehensive test automation tool like QARA Enterprise? Visit or drop us an email at and our team will get in touch with you.

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