Parallel Testing Tools from an Advanced Testing Platform can save you an Enormous amount of Time and Money

What are Parallel Testing Tools:

As is well knowledge, parallel testing is the technique of simultaneously executing several automated test scripts against diverse setups. The tools used for this technique are called the Parallel Testing Tools. This approach offers many advantages that can help a development company provide a high-quality product without slowing down the delivery speed.

Benefits of Parallel Testing Tools:

The advantages of parallel testing are numerous. Before you are prepared to accelerate your test runs in this manner, you must be aware of the numerous obstacles you must overcome. The advantages of parallel testing tools are also clear-cut. You can obtain quicker results by simultaneously conducting several tests. Basic parallelization may be put up with ease as well. It is simple to perform certain tests in parallel. Finding ways to run as many tests in parallel as you can is where things get more difficult. You won't be able to execute all of your tests at once, that much is certain.

The first of these advantages is a considerable decrease in the amount of time it takes to thoroughly test your application. Parallel testing offers various advantages that are challenging to exploit inside a conventional automated testing technique. Traditionally, an automated test script would be executed sequentially for each instance. 

By simultaneously executing the same test in numerous VMs with different environment setups, parallelization eliminates this problem. The time it takes to finish executing a single test script is lowered by almost X times by running it concurrently on many machines, where X is the total number of machines you are testing on.

Why Choose QARA Enterprise Parallel Testing Tools:

Selenium, a well-known online testing technology, addresses this problem when it comes to web test automation by using the Selenium Grid. The Selenium Grid was created to assist QA teams in running many test cases concurrently in various contexts. So, for instance, if you are testing your web app's "Contact Us" form, you must test it on several browsers one at a time. Repeating this is necessary for all of the forms on the website before moving on to further features. This provides us a rough sense of how long it could take to do the full activity.

The fact that Selenium Grid enables the parallel or simultaneous execution of test cases is, however, what matters most when discussing Selenium Grid. In order to save time and resources for the QA team, QARA Enterprise is a fantastic example of a test management application that enables QA experts to do parallel testing.

Best Practices of Parallel Test Execution:

  • Select the Cloud platform to run test cases on.
  • After selection it provides limitless scaling, allows for smooth parallel test execution across all conceivable contexts, and removes the headaches associated with managing many systems.
  • In test cases that you wish to run simultaneously, avoid hard coding values.
  • Make autonomous, self-contained test cases.
  • Manage the test case data in a way that makes it easier for test cases to run concurrently.
  • Purchase a full-featured test management product, such as QARA Enterprise.

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