Explore the Features of an Application Test Automation Tool

Applications today have become more advanced than ever and due to the highly competitive market, applications today need to release frequent updates with enhancements in the functionality as well as the UI. A scenario like this, calls for a highly efficient approach to application testing, that minimizes the time and efforts usually involved in manual testing. Also, the complexity of modern applications calls for multiple types of testing, some of which are beyond the scope of manual testing. An application test automation tool like QARA Enterprise is the solution that new age QA teams need in order to boost test efficiency and to meet the test requirements of application testing projects.

QARA Enterprise is an integrated platform that supports declarative, no-scripting, no-coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution along with built-in reporting capabilities. The platform is built on open source Selenium and offers excellent automated test tracking, management and reporting. It enables centralized, version-controlled test catalogs to a range of external interfaces, yields, licenses as well as workforce cost reductions while significantly boosting productivity in an agile-iterative product development lifecycle.

Functionalities of an Application Test Automation Tool

An application test automation tool like QARA Enterprise offers the following key functionalities that enable it to cater to every testing requirement of QA teams today.

1] Cross Platform Support

In today's mobile environment, it is essential that businesses are reachable across all browsers, platforms and devices. Complex application testing projects thus demand testing support for a large number of platforms and their versions. Designed with an aim to minimize testing efforts, QARA Enterprise's cross-browser, cross-platform testing capability helps widen the test automation coverage for applications.

2] End-to-End test Management

QARA Enterprise is an application test automation tool that checks all boxes when it comes to meeting your test automation requirements, cutting costs and having a lean testing team. An end-to-end test automation solution, it includes all functionalities such as test design, management, planning, execution, and reporting.

3] Analyzing Test performance with Detailed Reports

Reporting is an essential part of Test Case Management. It helps testers understand at which step the test has failed, possible root causes, and the percentage of automation, etc. The easy-to-understand, colorful graphical representation provided by QARA Enterprise helps analyze the data effortlessly.

4] Simultaneous Execution of Test Cases

As the scope of your project expands, it becomes more difficult to execute all test cases using one system. As testers need to execute test cases against different operating systems, platforms and browser versions, the need for testing on multiple systems arises. This is when grid or parallel execution helps. Using QARA Enterprise, testers can perform grid execution effortlessly. If testers do not have the requisite browsers or operating systems, they can benefit from the BrowserStack/Sauce Labs integration.

5] Save Time with Tests that have Repeated Steps

This functionality is most suited for projects that require a large number of cases tested using the same steps. Testers may no longer need to spend time and effort accumulating data sets for executing such test cases. The values saved in QARA Enterprise's global and local test data can be used to run test cases multiple times, without duplication of efforts.

So, that was about some of the key features of an automated application testing tool like QARA Enterprise. As the demands of application testing continue to grow, with the emergence of more and more advanced applications with every passing day, the need for application test automation tools will be on the rise.