5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Web Application Testing

As web applications become more and more complex, there are new challenges in web application testing that the QA professionals need to overcome. Add to that the need to deliver under strict deadlines and the market demands for frequent updates and new features, QA professionals hardly find time to complete the testing process as planned. While we have the new age test automation tools like QARA Enterprise for complete automation of the QA process, it is important for the QA professionals to be aware of the mistakes to avoid. Here we have some of the common ones for your knowledge.

1] Ignoring the Security Aspect

As an ever-increasing number of people use the Internet, the risk of hackers and other threats to security are growing exponentially. You can't afford to not be careful enough in web application testing when it comes to website security. If the site you're evaluating requires HR data privacy, such as the storing of sensitive information, you need to ensure there are no stones left unturned during security testing. A advanced web application testing platform offers the highest levels of security Execute the test cases as comprehensively as possible to check that everything is working as it should.

2] Not Paying Attention to Loading Speed

If you need to optimise your site for SEO, it must load faster in the browser. The loading speed of a website is taken into account by SEO algorithm of search engines. This is something that many web application testing professionals overlook, in spite of using an advanced web application testing platform. Under regular network connectivity, it is recommended to test the site's loading speed in all browsers. If the load time is too long, the developer needs to work on it to improve the performance.

3] Missing Out on Accessibility Testing

You may overlook or ignore accessibility when testing a website owing to a lack of time, especially when it comes to cross browser accessibility testing. However, this is one of the most common mistakes testers make during web application testing. Search engines require that your website follow the WCAG principles, which specify that a website should be accessible to everyone, including impaired individuals. This makes web application accessibility testing of extreme significance when testing your website or web app using a web app testing platform. Always go for an advanced web application testing platform for this purpose.

4] Keeping Adequate Time for Testing When Planning a Project

Now, when the estimated time for developing the website or web application is shared with the client, it often happens that the development takes up more time than expected. As a result of this, the testing team is left with no option but to work under a lot of stress as a result of the delay. This can lead to incomplete testing, which affects the app performance. To avoid such a scenario, it's best to plan ahead of time so that the web application testing can begin as soon as the development is completed.

5] Ignoring the Significance of Test Case Reporting

You should keep in mind that while Selenium is an open source tool, it has some limitations. Selenium does not provide a lot of support when it comes to performing test cases on its own. Selenium should be used in conjunction with a third-party test management tool like QARA Enterprise. A complete test management platform like QARA Enterprise is designed to support functionalities like capturing issues and feedback with annotations and sharing them with other team members for quick resolution. Also, QARA Enterprise also helps in generating details graphical test performance reports for quick and effective analysis of test performance.

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