Quick Tutorial on Project Creation with QARAJ Test Management App for Jira

If you're a developer or QA expert, you'll agree that Jira is a platform that doesn't need an introduction. Surprisingly, Jira is increasingly being utilised for a purpose for which it was never designed! We're discussing test management. Yes, regardless of the fact that Jira was not created for test management, it is used by a large number of QA experts for just that objective, despite its shortcomings.

A test management app for Jira is required to address this difficulty faced by QA experts and to assist them in experiencing increased test management capabilities in Jira. When we say a test management app for Jira, all we mean is a full-featured test management tool for Jira to provide increased test management capabilities. QARA Enterprise is an example of a Jira test management product, and the QARAJ add-on for Jira is the magical little test management app for Jira that allows this connection to happen.

Key Features of QARAJ Test Management App for Jira

The QARAJ Test Management App for Jira is a powerful test management app for Jira that integrates Jira with the QARA Enterprise test management tool. Here are the key features of the QARAJ test management app for Jira.

  • Easily create new Test Cases as an ‘issue type’ in QARAJ.
  • Assign the test cases within a project into folders.
  • Create Test Cycles and assign Test cases to a test cycle.
  • Execute the test case to compare the expected and actual results/performance.
  • View a history of executed test cases and generate test reports.
  • Integrates with QARA Enterprise test automation tool
  • Allows organizing test cases into folders
  • Allows full visibility into test projects and team productivity and helps in standardizing the best practice procedures.

Creating a Project in QARAJ Add On

To create a project in QARAJ, follow the steps given below.

Click on Create Projects under the Projects tab.

Once you click on the Create Projects tab, you’ll find a list of Project Templates. Let's start with the Kanban template. For this, click on Kanban to select the template.

Once you click on the Kanban Template, the screen appears. Under this template, you can see the Issue Types. Click on the Use Template button to start creating your project with this template.

Once you click on the Use Template button, the next step is to select a Project Type. You may select a team-managed or a company-managed project type.

Once you select the Project Type, you’ll be navigated to the Project Details page. Here you need to enter the Project Name, and once you’ve entered the Project Name, you’ll find a Project Key.

Click on the Create Project button.

Your project will be created and displayed on the Project Dashboard screen.

Adding Test Case Type to a Project

In order to add test case type to a project in QARAJ, follow the steps given below.

Click on the Project Settings tab on the left panel.

Once you click on the Project Settings tab, you’ll find quite a few project types on the left panel and the Project Details on the right panel of the screen, where we can manage the Project Details.

To Add a Test Case to this project, click on the Issue Types tab on the left panel.

The Issue Types mentioned on the Issue Types screen is the default Kanban issue types. To add an Issue Type, we need to click on the Actions button and then click on the Edit Issue Types under it.

Once you click on the Edit Issue Types button, you are navigated to the Edit Issue Types screen. Here you can manage existing Issue Types as well as add Issue Types.

Select Issue Types from the available issue types through Drag & Drop of the Issue Types from the Available Issue Types box to the Issue Types for Current Scheme box. For example, we can choose to Drag & Drop the Testcase Issue Type to add it to our project.

Once the Issue Types are selected, you need to click on the Save button to save the changes.

With this, the Project is setup with the QARA test management app for Jira.

So, that was about project creation and adding test cases in QARAJ. QARAJ offers a simple and easy installation process. Have you had a chance to try QARAJ yet? Click here to get the QARAJ add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace.