Data Driven Testing and Parameterization Testing Tools

When testing application logic and functionality, you frequently have to test the same logic with numerous input values, which can quickly add up to a large number of test cases.

Data-driven testing saves time and effort by allowing you to run the same test several times with various datasets for different result values. Test parameterization is a sort of data-driven test automation that supports running the same test with various parameters many times.

Automation testing tools like as QARA Enterprise, Katalon Studio, and Ranorex allow you to run the same test numerous times with varied input values without having to clone or replicate it. You can use this functionality to reduce repetitive test cases, reduce time during execution, and boost test coverage.

Let's look at how data-driven testing and automation testing tools can help you get the most out of your work.

What is data-driven testing?

Testers frequently use many data sets for a single test, but designing separate tests for each data set takes time and effort. With data-driven testing and automation testing tools, you can keep data distinct from tests and execute various combinations of test data to produce findings quickly.

You may create a large number of tests with various output values rapidly and reuse your data sets. Data-driven test automation improves coverage, eliminates redundant tests, and, most crucially, reduces test execution time.

Benefits of data-driven testing and test parameterization

  • Tests are simpler to comprehend, maintain, and administer.
  • Execute the same test many times with various inputs to reduce the number of test cases required.
  • Execution time is cut in half.
  • Time-saving by avoiding the creation of repetitive test cases.
  • Tests and outcomes are better organised.
  • Reduces the amount of testing that is done twice.

When to use data-driven testing and parameterization

If you have several variations of the same case and workflow and wish to expand coverage by designing alternative scenarios, data-driven testing might save you time and effort. A new age automation testing tool can help you in this.

When testing application logic or functionality, data-driven testing is the right approach. Shopping cart logic, where coupons and discounts are applied, user login and management, where users have varying permissions, and ticket purchases are all examples of this.

Data-driven testing and test parameterization

Parameterized tests are defined similarly to normal tests, with the addition of some parameter names in the specification. With test parameterization, you may run the same test three times utilising the three iterations while only having one test.

The syntax $PARAMETER NAME is used to include parameters into test specifications.

Inside a dataset, parameters and their subsequent values are specified. A dataset is a set of data organised in a table, with each column representing a different variable (or parameter) and each row representing a different record (or iteration) of the dataset.

The number of iterations to be run is defined by the number of rows in the dataset. There will be an one execution parameterized with the values defined on the dataset row if the dataset has only one row.

You can have two different types of parameters:

  • The parameter value will be entered into an open text box.
  • The parameter value can be chosen from a predetermined list of alternatives in a list.

You can save time by creating premade lists and using the list parameters in numerous datasets. If multiple projects utilise the same list, you can create a global list that can be used by all of them. This way, you'll have a central area where you can handle common parameter lists.

Take advantage of data-driven testing

Data-driven test automation amplifies your efforts by allowing you to test large sets of variations fast and efficiently. You can use test parameterization and data-driven testing straight immediately with the latest release of the automation testing tool.

Automation testing tools keep your testing clean and organised, allowing you to focus and work more quickly and efficiently.

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